Thursday, 31 October 2013

Onwards, ever onwards ...

Just an update to prove I'm still here ...

I've decided to take the new job at my current place, so at least that's resolved and there's no unemployment to endure.  There is, however, a foru month trial period in the new role, so the story hasn't really ended just yet.

I have managed to arange a game at the local club tomorrow night and will be playing Formula De, a fun game. I have a number of plans for this (as I seem to have for everything!) so it'll be good to get another game of it under my belt and maybe try a few new things for it, time permitting!

Hopefully now that the job situation is on a much more even keel, I'll be able to make some proper posts here again - thanks to all the followers for persevering with the blog through these unsettled times!


  1. Glad to hear you got step 1 out of the way for now. Here's hoping that the trial period works for you.

    Formula De is epic. See that great big blue dice, yeah that one, NO... don't touch it, don't even think about it... oh go on then, life in the fast lane and all.

  2. 4 month trial, Well let's be honest you'd have to go through that with any new job these days. So no real Biggie. And at least if it starts to turn to slime you have a few months to look round for something else. Formula D is a good game, Have some fun, and remember slow in fast out (I am talking about corners! What else did you think?

  3. It's good to have a four month period of grace at least, where you know you're employed,; it'll take you over the holiday period and gives you time to ponder your next steps.

    I have Formula De too and its a great game

  4. 4 months is good; it should give you a real chance to shine at the job (or decide that you don't like it and want to move on)!

    As for games, please let us know how it goes :-) .

  5. Good luck in your endeavours pal.

  6. Great that you have a job, and hopefully things will pick up from here on :-)

  7. Glad to hear you have a job which is the most important thing. You'll do fine mate. Looking forward to seeing you get some hobby time in!