Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Building Again ...

For a variety of un-interesting reasons, it's taken me a while to post once more; sorry guys (& any gals that might be there!)

Hobby related stuff that I have been doing recently is creating more buildings from print & build kits that I've got via Wargame Vault.

Having played - & thoroughly enjoyed! - WW2 skirmish most recently, I decided that I wanted to have a ruined village. As a result the first model I put together was Dave's Games' Wrecked House. You can see the first pic of this to the right with Zed-Me in front to show the size. The model assumes that it will be made from card, but I used 5mm foamcore for the walls as card (or 2mm mounting board that I've used previously) simply is not thick enough to seem 'right' with 28mm models. This meant having to cope with the inner walls each being 5mm too long; not a problem, but definitely something to consider if you do the same

 I've also decided (at the moment) not to put half the roof in place (as you can see to the left). The roof is made from 2mm mounting board (basically just 2mm thick card from Hobbycraft), as it 'seems right' for that to be thinner than the walls. The floor is foamcore, but I've put a layer of board under that. I made it larger than the model's "footprint" as I was intending to add scenic bits to it, but I'm not so sure now as that will make it harder to store safely - always a problem ...
Finally - for this build - to the right you can see the staircase as I've made the first* floor removable - not a standard feature of the build. To do this, I had to glue the roof piece in place, but I'm happy with teh result.  I'm going to cut down the board under the model so that it is a rectangle of the model's size (IIRC 6 x 9 inches) and cover the exposed corners of the board with some kind of 'rubble'.

*- I believe those on the wrong side of the pond would call it the second floor
Next are 2 versions of Dave's Games' Ruined Longhouse. This shows the versatility that the 'layers' in Dave's Games' models gives to all their products. Buying one model gives you access to lots of different appearances for your builds. Again, I made the walls from foamcore and and very happy with the result.

Sometimes though, this very versatility can cause problems ... with this build to the right, it wasn't until the final assembly that I realised there was no door! Easily remedied though, by hacking a hole through one of the end walls!
Waaay back in this post: dave-graffam-models-5-low-ruins, I posted about the low ruins I'd made.  I've never really been happy with them due to the wall thickness I mentioned above. So, I've made another couple of them using foamcore instead and they 'feel' much better.  I've used the same options for them, so at first glance they look identical, but have put different internal walls in them.
The internal walls aren't part of the kit as standard, but I just printed some extras walls with 'yellow concrete on both sides and then hacked them about until I was happy with them

This time though I've cut out the windows and doors and they look better for it!

Finally, to the left is a snap of the ground floor of my next build as a tease ... anyone recognise it?