Thursday, 7 August 2014

New Rules

Well so much for a post a day ... in my defence, the lighting in my hotel room is so awful that the pictures I've taken have been absolutely rubbish and unworthy of publishing. Anyway, going home tonight, so I hope to have posts of my buildings up soon.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd let you know about 2 of the new rulesets that I've got recently:

Five Men in Normandy - skirmish rules that I picked up during Wargame Vault's recent 'summer offensive' sale. The clue being in the title, they are designed for small skirmish actions, but there is provision for up-sizing the number of combatants. I'll reserve posting any more about them at present as I've only read them, but I will say that I have a good feeling about them and am eager to give them a try. There is also a new supplement to cover zombies!!  (I'd put a link to them, but can't connect to WV right now; as WV is back up, I've added the links)

Sabre Squadron - "is the new set of rules for company-level wargaming from the Cold War to the Digital Age" as it says on the website.  Currently being developed, the free version you get is called 'Rapid Deployment' and can be got by sending an email to them (details on the page linked to above). Again this reads very well and leave me wanting to give it a try - just need to get some russkies done!

Speaking of russkies, I've been trying very hard to not buy some of Brigade Model's lovely 15mm SF neo-Soviet tanks and ArmiesArmy 15mm infantry to oppose and support them ... I don't actually NEED another project to start, but they are very, very shiny and wonderful and the world would be a much better place if I bought them and precious says I must .....  HELP ME!!!! 



  1. The Armies Army stuff does look great though. I plan on getting me some of the PLA Sino forces but all his factions look great especially his Enemy Unknown with there shields look great!

  2. The 5 Men rules sound like they might work for my 1/35th WW2 project? Look forward to hearing more Colin

    1. Hi Adam, I think they would work well for the bigger figures. They're designed for 5-a-side (the clue's in the name ...) with an interesting activation mechanism. If you can afford them, they would be worth a try I think.