Thursday, 11 September 2014

Militia Miniatures Kickstarter

I promise I'll do another post on buildings soon!

However, for this post I thought I'd share a Kickstarter with you that I've backed - it's for Militia Miniatures - 28mm Modern Mercenaries!

I backed it as the figures seemed like they'd be useful for Zombie gaming and (as it is now) at £20 for 10 figures, it's pretty good value too! 

That £20 includes UK postage, it's £2 extra for non-UK shipping


  1. I've backed this as well, Colin. I quite agree that £20 for 10 figures is good value for money. Plus, as the money pledged increases there are also other freebies that will be offered.

  2. These are really good miniatures, I'd have loved to have been able to back this kickstarter

  3. They don't fit my idea of moderns. I'd only have the use for a couple or so - I like the sculpting style and poses very much, though.

  4. Definitely some good models in there Colin