Monday, 20 October 2014

Still struggling on ...

Thought I'd better put a post up just to let peeps know I'm still here. No pictures though ... the main reason for this is I have a Windows mobile phone and to get pictures off it, I (seemingly) have to install 'Zune' on my PC - which I really don't want to do; if anyone knows of a way round this, I'd really appreciate it if they let me know!

On the hobby front, in this post back in August - new-rules - I mentioned that I was thinking of getting into 15mm sci-fi.  Well I definitely have now, and have a bunch of Armies Army figures, some Brigade Models vehicles and other stuff.

I've been looking at different rules and, of the ones that I have, Strike Legion: Platoon Leader will, I think, suit me best. (If you are interested, you can get a free 'primer' of the rules)

Anyway, tonight I have a game of 15mm SF against Keith (the megalomaniac behind Armies Army) and will get my painted stuff on the table for the first time! Pictures next time - if I remember my camera!


  1. Hi mate. Does your pc have bluetooth? Or can you find a setting on your phone that changes it from a phone to a flash memory card when attached to a pc via usb?

    Say hello to Keith for me and have fun!

    1. No bluetooth on PC :( but you did inspire me to try something else and solution found!

      Thanks Simon!

  2. Hang in there dude. Glad to hear a found a solution!

  3. The wonders of modern technology.
    I was going to suggest using a card-reader (£! -poundland) and take your sim card fro your phone, but it seems you're sorted !