Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Buying Bases

Long time no post, but I am still here!! Just not had the blogging mojo for months ...

Anyway, I've stumbled across something that I thought would be good to share, hence this post.

Until Salute this year, I've been buying plastic bases from various companies - mainly em4 miniatures who currently sell a bag of 10 30mm round, lipped bases for £1.02

While at Salute, I found the stand for The Troll Trader who were selling (IIRC) 15 of the same bases for £1

I now need some more of these bases - I'm rebasing most of my 28s on lipped bases so I can put a name on the figures - so I checked out Troll Trader's website.  They sell a bag of 15 30mm round, lipped bases for £0.95 or a bag of 100 for £5.95!

So, I'll now be ordering my non-MDF bases from The Troll Trader and thought I'd share the info with you guys.


  1. Shopping tips and bargains always appreciated!

  2. Good to see you back! What Clint said.