Friday, 26 June 2015


Well, unfortunately the kickstarter I mentioned in my last post has been cancelled :(  Two good things though - I'm not spending money I can't really afford and they did say they plan to relaunch after some re-working of the project ...

On a gaming front, the launch of Zabadak's Gladiator World is the foundation of both good and bad news for me.

Bad news:- it led me to recollect just how much fun the Spartacus TV series was to watch, which in turn led to me watching it on Netflix, and again seeing the fantastic performances in the show (specifically John Hannah and Lucy Lawless as Batiatus and Lucretia). Which then led to me buying the 3rd and 4th seasons of the TV show on DVD, plus the boardgame! I'm getting the boardgame to: a) hopefully play with my daughter & b) perhaps use it as a campaign framework
These purchases qualify as bad news as I really can't afford them, but I've always been particularly susceptible to shiny-itis and I'm really looking forward to watching them!
Good news:- it's got me posting here again, gaming mojo on the increase and planning a foamboard arena using WorldWorks Games Arena Works package. If you look at that product's pictures on that page, it seems (to me anyway!) to be of a more medieval style than Mystic Mountain's Coliseum (which I also have), which appears 'properly Roman'. However, MM's Coliseum is a much more complicated build and I'm planning to use this arena for more than just 'roman' gladiator combat; I'm intending to use it for fantastical gladiators as well as small scale skirmishes ...
More about these plans if it ever actually gets built!  I have signed up to the Frostgrave Nickstarter and am hoping that perhaps those rules can be used in some way ...
In summary though, I'm glad that Joe has started Zabadak's Gladiator World and even happier that he's back blogging again - even if he is forcing me to spend money! :)


  1. I too had to watch the TV series "Spartacus" as part of my "research". I've also made my own foamboard hex playing area which is in the last throws of being finished.
    The boardgame Spartacus looks interesting, but s=is well out of my purchasing power atm (£0)
    Good luck with rejuvenating this project and if it get you blogging again all the better !

  2. Thanks Joe - and remember, it' all your fault!! :)

  3. Enjoy it and its good to be inspired by tv and books. Sometimes ks just go that way its coming back later in the year I think perhaps October time.