Friday, 29 April 2016

VBCW Buildings (1)

While at Salute this year, I collected my pre-order from Warbases which included their VBCW Starter Pack - 3 VBCW buildings for £40

I chose 2 Red Brick Terraces:

and the General Store:

The pics are from Warbases' site and must be old versions of the buildings as the windows & doorways are now completely cut out. The large shop window of the store isn't though, which, to be honest, I'm not happy with, so I think I'm going to try cutting it out myself.

I've undercoated the exterior with Halfords matt red primer, and the interiors with Wilkinsons' white primer - the worst spray paint I've ever used! shame I've got 2 tins of it ...

For the interiors, I'm adding 2 things. First. a floor texture from Dave Graffam Models' Low Ruins to give a bit of colour and second, I'll add a ledge behind the first floor windows so figures can be placed there,

I've also got some of Warbases' Pavements to go around the buildings:

All photos in this post are from Warbases' website and used without permission

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