Thursday, 19 May 2016

Motivation ...

I've been having real motivation issues this week :(  Where I should have been painting my VBCW figures - specifically the 20+ miners I have from Ironclad and Sloppy Jalopy, getting my brushes and paints out to start them just seems to have been too much ...

I have done some things though;

  • a Warbases paint bottle rack for my growing assortment of Vallejo paints arrived yesterday and I assembled that
  • I've put together some 'dispersed' movement trays for use with Back of Beyond
  • I made a (small!) start on the roof tiles for one of my VBCW terraces
But what I should be doing is getting on with the VBCW figures. Hopefully, I'll make some progress on them over the next couple of evenings and the weekend.

In other news, I've discovered Michael Scott's 1809 blog about his 10mm Napoleonic project, which is inspiring, and I've been thinking a lot about Horizon Wars and how I'm hoping to use it for some figures that I've had for years and not found a set of rules for. What is it about wargamers that means as soon as we get a set of rules, we immediately want to change/adapt them?

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