Thursday, 5 May 2016

New Toys

Some new toys have arrived in the last couple of days.

2 Deep-Cut Studio gaming mats arrived that I had ordered from Wayland Games. I went to them as, at the time, they had a 20% off sale. Anyway, both mats are their 'mousepad' format and the first is a 4 foot square cobblestone design:
Cobblestone mat, showing front & back of mat
 and the second is a 3 foot square grass design:
Grass mat, showing front & back again
I'm pleased with these mats, both the designs and the 'mousepad' format, which I admit, I was a little nervous about.  The pictures show the stripes on the backs of the mats like you find on the back of non-rigid mouse mats and, I believe, will prevent any slipping or moving of the mats when in use.

I chose the cobblestones for use with my VSF and urban VBCW games, and the grass mat for smaller skirmish games, specifically Song of Blade & Heroes using my Splintered Light 20mm fantasy mini's.

Another arrival was a couple of packs of Cossacks to bring my Back of Beyond White Russians upto 18 cavalry so I can field 2 units of 9 - I previously had 12 which would have been only 1 unit.

The final thing in this report is this (hopefully!) useful pack of weapons I found in the Pulp Figures range on North Star's site:

It has 2 models of each of the 4 weapons included; I stuck them together with blu-tac for this pic:
They will be useful for VBCW vehicles - I can already see my Fire Engine having a 37mm gun!

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