Wednesday, 4 May 2016

VBCW Buildings (3)

Got the photos this time, but made no progress on anything last night :( , so more on the VBCW buildings ...

Each side of the buildings has 2 'layers'. The 'inner layer' has the window frames and doors etched on them and the 'outer layer' has holes so that the windows & doors appear recessed when viewed from the outside (as they should be IMO). This pic shows the terrace front's 'inner layer' - as I have 2 of these, you can see the etched external & plain internal sides at the same time.  The inner has the painted window frames & undercoated doors, while the internal side has been sprayed white - I chose white as it will hopefully make things inside easier to see!

This next pic shows the undercoated 'outer layer' placed atop the 'inner layer' shown in the last pic. Once the doors have been painted I think it'll look quite good

And finally for this post, a pic of the assembled roof waiting for the tiles to be attached. The undercoated chimney is in place as you can see

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