Thursday, 5 May 2016


It has been pointed out to me that my prospective opponent has a BUF (British Union of Fascists) force ready & waiting to take on my Socialist PAC (People's Assault Column).
For the basic background of the VBCW click on this link to go a post on the VBC Forum; similarly, click on this link to see a post with the list of factions.
So, with that in mind, time to stop progressing the buildings and begin on the troops. The majority of the figures I have so far, are from Ironclad Miniatures VBCW range, with most of them being Miners
Ironclad Mini's Miners
The pic above shows 2 packs of miners with rifles in the back row & in the front from left to right, the 2 miner bombers, the 2 miner command & the 2 man miner lewis team

I also have Sloppy Jalopy's pack "The Miners" which are the 11 figures in the pic below with white bases,  Most of the pack have separate heads - can't remember exactly how many though ...
Also in the pic are a pilot from the Back of Beyond pilot pack and the last figure from the Pulp Figures pack I used for my Back of Beyond White Russian command group; I may use them in the VBCW force - not sure at the moment though.

As well as the miners, I have some firemen & armed police from Ironclad, and a female militia pack from Empress Miniatures Spanish Civil War Republican range :
As you can see they have yet to be undercoated.

I've also got a couple of vehicles on the go; in the pic below, on the left is Reiver Castings' Tyneside Uitility [sic] Recce Vehicle (Tracked) and on the right is some of a partially assembled Croydon Crusher (the miner is there as a size guide)

So, painting these begins tonight!

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