Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Some reinforcements for my VBCW PAC (People's Assault Column) arrived over the weekend. Specifically, from Footsore Miniatures' 28mm Inter War Period 1918-1939 range, a  Militia Boys Anti-Tank Team:

and a Workers Militia HMG Team:
They should give my force some much needed punch!

I also got Footsore's 1930-40's Rural Types:
which will come in handy for some of the events on the Went the Day Well event card deck that I finished making at the weekend.

I painted the Firemen, Female Militia and made progress on the utility vehicle, but they aren't ready to show yet.

Finally, it needs to be pointed out that my PAC, contrary to fascist propaganda, are socialists and not communists!

All photos in this post are from Footsore Miniatures' website and used without permission

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