Friday, 3 June 2016

Enthusiasm ... what's that?

Well ... I've just not had the desire to unbox my kickstarter reward yet.  I could make excuses about being busy, which I have been, but I could have made the time to unbox Devil's Run, I've just not wanted to do it.

I helped my sister move house last weekend, and have been away for work this week (I'm typing this in sunny Manchester), but still found the time to put the tiles for my 4 Warbases buildings on and make a bunch of cards for the ACW rules I'm itching to try out - Command Combat: Civil War

Oh well. Hopefully I'll do something with the box this weekend. I at least hope to get a wiggle on with some of my VBCW stuff - either the bases of the figures or getting one of the buildings together

Whatever I do, I'll put some pics up - honest!

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