Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Phew! That's a relief!!

I promised pictures in my last post and was all set to take some of the basing progress I've made on my VBCW PAC figures, when  I realised that I could not find my Hudl that I use to take the pic's.

Searching high & low on Sunday evening & Monday morning did not reveal it ... last night it came to me that the last time I'd seen it was in the hire car that I had used for the work trip to Manchester last week!  (My employer will not let me drive my own car - I have to have a hire car ... No, I don't know why.)

Luckily, a phone call to the company that arranges our rentals led to me discovering that I had left in the hire car & I went to collect it at lunch time!

I had pretty much resigned myself to having to get a camera or new Hudl - what a relief!

As tonight's game at the Winchester club has just been postponed, I'll get take some pics tonight.

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