Wednesday, 31 August 2016

1/300th ACW Buildings

Back in this post, I showed you this pic of the progress I had made on my 1/300th ACW buildings

I've now applied the Army Painter strong tone to them which made a considerable difference -compare the before and after of the front of the McCoull House (building on left above & next pic) - and a coat of satin varnish to reduce the gloss effect of the strong tone.

All the buildings came from Leven Miniatures and I'll caption each individual pic below with Leven's reference number & name for that building. I've set the pics to be 'small' on this page in blogger so that they're closer to their actual size, but if you click on the pics then, as usual, you'll see larger versions.
ACW23 - McCoull House
ACW15 - Trostle Farmhouse
ACW13 - Codori Carriage Barn
ACW17 - Leister House
ACW18 - Leister Barn
I've just finished another 2 buildings, a church and a stone house;  they are all really nice models, and I'd recommend them to anyone after this type of building.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Faustus Furius (3) - Sumerians

I've painted the first of the chariots for Faustus Furius. I've always liked Sumerians - I have a small 6mm army of them - so I painted them first. In Faustus Furius, chariots have a chance of crashing (but they can re-enter the race), so I used 2 of the 4 chariots in the pack to make wreck counters.
'Blue' Sumerian chariot

'Green' Sumerian chariot

Sunday, 28 August 2016

My 1/6000th Cold War Navy mini's

I've just added a page to the blog that details all my 1/6000th cold war naval mini's. They are really small as the photo to the right shows, but I like them! I've used them several times with the fast play rules Shipwreck.

I just got the new modern rules Naval Command and I'm looking forward to trying them out - they seem even more fast play than Shipwreck

Friday, 26 August 2016

Progress, but no pics

I've asembled one half of the arena and dipped and satin varnished the ACW buildings that I showed a pic of in this post over the last couple of nights, but not done as much as I could have ...

It's just been too hot for a wimp like me the last couple of nights, so nothing much has got done ...

However, as today is payday, I've been spending already!  I ordered some stuff from Kerr and King (some bases & 10mm buildings to go with my 1940 North Africa figures) and a Wargame Vault order (the new modern naval rules Naval Command & the TAC B-17f and Bf109g).

I got the TAC planes based on Jim's recommendations on his Tea and a Wad blog. I think my Dad would like to have a go at these - he spent his entire career working for the MoD and has an abiding interest in air combat (probably due in no small part to his father working for Vickers-Armstrong during world war 2).

And I am very, very tempted to get Charlie Foxtrot Models' newest release, the Red Lion Pub (pic to the right) ...

But I do think I should get some of the MDF pile I've already gor finished first!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gladiator Arena (1)

I didn't assemble my Charlie Foxtrot Models' Gladiator Arena last night, but I did take a pic of the pieces. As you can see it's painted and the floor has had sand glued to it and then sealed with a thick coat of satin varnish.

Unfortunately I'm not particularly happy with how it's turned out. That's definitely because of what I've done & not the fault of the model

It won't stop me finishing it though - it's become a bit of a millstone around my neck that I am very much looking forward to getting rid of now.  Perhaps when it is finally finished, I'll give it to my nephew for christmas and get another one for myself - I'll know then what not to do when assembling it!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Arena progress & what next?

I've been making progress on my Charlie Foxtrot Models' Gladiator Arena since my last post. I've repainted it, sanded the arena floor and put a coat of varnish on it.

So, tonight, I hope to assemble it and take a couple of pics prior to posting them tomorrow.

What to do after that though ... ?

I've got a couple of things to finish up with the Iron Stars stuff - magnetic tape on the bases & nameplates - and messing about with them had me looking into 'tweaking' the rules for aeronef style games, but my kickstarter Imperial Skies should be with me next week, so I've shelved the Iron Stars' tweaking until that arrives.

Faustus Furius - apart from undercoating, I've done exactly nothing on something I wanted ready for Christmas!

There are half-a-dozen White Russian cavalry to do for Back of Beyond for when Jim starts his campaign and the bases of the entire force ...

VBCW buildings to finish ...

Horizon Wars ...

Infantry for Konflict '47 and/or Bolt Action ...

3mm moderns ....

So many things to do & so little time and motivation ...

Oh well.  On reflection, I'll stop whining about my first world problems and soldier on.

I have a job interview tomorrow that will (hopefully!) lead to some major changes for me - wish me luck!

Monday, 15 August 2016

More for Faustus Furius & What Happened With My Gladiator Arena

Pendraken purchase
One of the many things that I like about Faustus Furius (the new Chariot Racing game from Ganesha Games) is that in certain situations a mob can enter the racetrack and start causing problems for everyone! When I made my purchase of chariots from Newline Designs (some details in this post) I couldn't find any figures that I thought would suit for a mob ... so I went to Pendraken Miniatures, and after browsing their online catalogue, selected 5 packs that you can see in the pic to the right. They are:

  • SC13 Arab civilians (30)
  • FME13 Peasants (10)
  • FBG4 Beggars with club (10)
  • FBG5 Beggars hurling stones (10)
  • FBG7 Female beggars (10)
    and somehow VM22 crept into the order! :)

Unfortunately, as with a lot of the Pendraken catalogue, there were no pictures for most of the packs (at least it seems that way!), so I opened them up with some trepidation. Luckily, I think I'll get away with them as an ancient mob, especially as they are 10mm and will be in a mob!

In this post last week, I mentioned that my Charlie Foxtrot Models' Gladiator Arena had gone badly wrong ...

Here's the evidence ... the pic to the right shows my initial effort to rectify my cock-up. I undercoated the MDF with Halfords' filler primer - the one I got is a 'sand' colour. I then put on a couple of coats of a cheap emulsion that I'd got from Wilkinsons'. Unfortunately, the paint completely filled the etched wording on the top of the Arena box. I tried to scrape out the paint with a knife and then paint in the lettering red. But it just wasn't working. I didn't really like the colour I'd used as it appeared in that large an area, so I tried to get rid of it by scrubbing the paint off with a scouring pad under a running tap. The initial test of this is in the top left corner in the pic.

This  pic shows the end result of the scouring. It got rid of most of the paint - including the lettering I'd painted. I've decided I'm going to do another spray coat and then paint in the lettering black.  I'm hoping this greater contrast will look much better!
In the pics on the Charlie Foxtrot page (linked to above) you can see the planking effect on the walls of the arena ... unfortunately, I did the same to those walls as I did with the lid. To the right you can barely see the planking effect :(  Luckily the scrubbing used on the lid also rescued the walls!

Over the weekend, I did a bunch of varnishing on my figures - a coat of satin onto miniatures with army painter strong tone on. I went for satin and not matt as I quite like the shiny effect, but find that the strong tone is just too glossy. I'm not entirely sure how well it's worked - I'll check tonight and hopefully have some pics soon.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Data Cards Finished & a Building Problem ...

Last night I managed to finish making all the data cards for my 16 Iron Stars ships - 8 Austro-Hungarian and 8 Russian.  I  printed the fronts and backs onto normal printer paper, used a glue stick to attach them to cereal box card and then covered with self-adhesive book covering plastic.

Hopefully they'll be a) tough enough to withstand gaming with & b) be suitable for use with whiteboard markers for a game when Jim's returned from his holidays.

All I have left to do to be ready for that game now is to put another coat of varnish on the ships as I've used army painter strong tone on them (its gloss effect needs toning down a bit) and the name labels for the ships' bases. I'd previously done 'normal' black text on a white background labels, but I think that will be a bit garish on black bases which are then on a black cloth, so I'm going to try white text on a black background and see how that looks.

The problem in the post title refers to the building mentioned in this post that I add a rendering effect to. As you can see from the composite pic to the left, I didn't do anything to disguise the tabs used to put together the buildings at the corners, so they can clearly be seen despite my 'render'. At the moment I'm unsure what to do about this ...  I'm deciding between a) adding more render to hide it -or- b) scraping the render off the offending parts, using polyfilla to fill the dips and then adding render onto the filler ...

I think I can safely say, though, that this is definitely in the category of 'first world problems' ...  :)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Aeronef and Iron Stars

I really like the extensive range of Aeronefs sold by Brigade Models, there's just something about the idea of flying ships battling in our skies that really appeals to me. So much show that I have Austro-Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Russian and Turkish squadrons, as you can see in this post from way back in 2011!

Since then, I've got even more - I got ships for USA & CSA squadrons to do a US Civil War in the skies; no pictures of them though :(

The problem is though, I really don't like the Aeronef rules - as I explained in this post

Iron Stars cover
My 'solution', which has only been in my head (I've not actually done anything about it!), is to use Majestic 12's Edwardian science fiction rules 'Iron Stars' modified to be 'in-atmosphere'.

IMO, these are excellent rules and I've thought so since I got them - longer ago than I want to think about! I got small Russian & Austro-Hungarian squadrons (pics are in this post).

Anyway, the point of this rambling is that when Jim of Jim's Wargaming Workbench posted an interest in the Russo-Japanese War recently, I commented that we couuld play it with Aeronefs. Jim replied he had a Japanese fleet, and I've got Russians, so it is a possibility!

With that in mind, I've been thinking - as one would - about the rules to use, so that prompted me to go to Iron Stars again.

HOWEVER, before trying to modify it for Aeronef, it would be a really good idea to actually play the game and see if it as good as I think (hope!). With that in mind last night I started putting together the ship data cards I created years ago:

Once they're done, Iron Stars is ready to go and hopefully I can arrange a game with Jim when he returns from his holidays?

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Buildings ... progress ?

Last night I made a bit of progress on my Charlie Foxtrot Models' "Table Edge Terrace" British Version that I mentioned in my last post; specifically starting the rendering effect.  Here it is 'before':

And here is 'after':

I first did this on a bunch of Amera Plastic Mouldings buildings that I had a long time ago and found that it didn't quite transfer directly from a plastic to an MDF building ... 

I coated the building in slightly diluted PVA and then sprinkled dry plaster powder on it. With the plastic building this was fine, but with a non-undercoated MDF building the glue was soaked up by the MDF almost straightaway! Lesson learned - either undercoat the MDF or sprinkle faster!

Back in June in this post, I mentioned 6mm ACW terrain; well I couldn't find any buildings in my resin mountain (well, let's be honest, I didn't actually search it) so I bought some from Leven Miniatures and started on some of them last night:

I'm pleased with how they've come out - remember they're very small and to be viewed from at least arm's length! :) - and only need the application of the 'magic dip' to finish

Monday, 8 August 2016

A bunch of things ...

This weekend saw the release of Konflict '47 by Warlord Games, a Weird War 2 games based on their popular Bolt Action rules
I've been looking forward to this coming out, as I already have some of the miniatures for it (specifically British Automatons) from when they were released by Clockwork Goblin Miniatures the company behind the game. So I went along to my FLGS SnM Stuff and got myself a copy.

I've not read it as yet, but a flick through shows that it seems to be 'Bolt Action with bits added' - pretty much what I expected, so that's good.

I see that Sarissa Precision have released an MDF Childrens Play Area Set which I'll definitely be getting as a great bit of scenery for zombie games

Over the weekend I made some progress on a couple of things; finally painted the window frames and assembled the basic building in my Charlie Foxtrot Models' "Table Edge Terrace" British Version
Hopefully, I'll get the 'rendering' effect on to it soon so it'll be close to finishing.

I also tried to make progress on my Charlie Foxtrot Models' gladiator arena/storage-box
Unfortunately, it went badly, badly wrong ... initial efforts to rectify things seem good though - which is a big relief!!

I do seem to be unable to see anything through from start to finish at the moment ... all weekend the undercoated chariots for Faustus Furius were staring at me reproachfully but I just didn't want to start painting them ...

Hopefully my Mo will find my Jo soon and I'll be able to finish something!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Faustus Furius (2) - chariots

I got my chariots from Newline about a week after placing the order and am very pleased with them.  They have either 3 or 4 in each pack, so I'm intending to make 2 racers from each pack and use the others to create crash markers - in Faustus Furius, crashing does not end a chariots' race - it can recover and rejoin!

I put together a couple of the chariots to see what they'd look like; here is the Persian Scythed Chariot :

And the Sumerian 'chariot' (more of a battle wagon really!) :

I was going to use 40mm round bases for them, but will now use these medium Flames of War bases that I had from a stalled project (30mm x 52mm IIRC) - the bigger bases giving more chance of collisions (I hope!).

Whiling researching which chariots to use, I was very surprised at the difference in price for 10mm Sumerian chariots - Newline sell them at £4 per pack of 3, Magister Militum sell at £8.25 per pack of 3 and Steve Barber sells at £4 for 1 chariot

Shopping around can definitely sell you money!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Faustus Furius (1) - ideas

I've been following the development of Ganesha Games' new chariot racing game Faustus Furius on the author's blog Irregular Wars and was very impressed with what I saw.

So, I immediately bought a copy when it was released on Wargames Vault; here is a pic of the cover:

Having read it, I find that I really like it, so I've set myself a goal - to have it ready to play at Christmas with my siblings, their kids & my parents.

To that end, having bought the rules, I looked around for chariots to use as I didn't have any.  The author has used 6mm chariots on his blog, but, although a fan of 6mm, I wanted to use something a bit bigger, so have bought a bunch from Newline Designs' 10mm range (which happened to be on a 25% off sale at the time - result!).

I'm envisaging a multi-part track (2 or 3 parts - not sure) from 6mm MDF at the moment, and am considering getting a Javis desert wargaming mat from SnM Stuff to put on that board, although I may yet use my own sand ... not really sure at the moment.  If I use the mat, it may be difficult to base the chariots to match. Doing it myself would be make matching the bases much easier.

If it all goes well, I may use these rules for other racing games - I have a bunch of Victorian steam tanks that I could well use for it!