Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Arena progress & what next?

I've been making progress on my Charlie Foxtrot Models' Gladiator Arena since my last post. I've repainted it, sanded the arena floor and put a coat of varnish on it.

So, tonight, I hope to assemble it and take a couple of pics prior to posting them tomorrow.

What to do after that though ... ?

I've got a couple of things to finish up with the Iron Stars stuff - magnetic tape on the bases & nameplates - and messing about with them had me looking into 'tweaking' the rules for aeronef style games, but my kickstarter Imperial Skies should be with me next week, so I've shelved the Iron Stars' tweaking until that arrives.

Faustus Furius - apart from undercoating, I've done exactly nothing on something I wanted ready for Christmas!

There are half-a-dozen White Russian cavalry to do for Back of Beyond for when Jim starts his campaign and the bases of the entire force ...

VBCW buildings to finish ...

Horizon Wars ...

Infantry for Konflict '47 and/or Bolt Action ...

3mm moderns ....

So many things to do & so little time and motivation ...

Oh well.  On reflection, I'll stop whining about my first world problems and soldier on.

I have a job interview tomorrow that will (hopefully!) lead to some major changes for me - wish me luck!


  1. we all have so many things to do and such little motivation to do them.
    (He mutters to himself knowing he should get his own done!)

    1. Indeed we do Clint; good luck with your own!

  2. Good luck.

    I missed the Imperial Skies KS...be interesting to see what you think about the rules.

    1. Thanks; I'll post a review when it arrives, which ATM looks like after the bank holiday, although this blogger is not particularly complimetary in his post:


      saying (basically) that's it's a missed opportunity to improve on Aeronef

  3. I can but empathise with your sentiment "So many things to do & so little time and motivation"; mine would be very similar viz "So many things to do & no motivation" ...

    1. I sympathise comletely Joe; as you know I hit that myself far too often ... I just wish that when I did have motivation, I was able to concentrate it on one thing at a time!