Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Faustus Furius (1) - ideas

I've been following the development of Ganesha Games' new chariot racing game Faustus Furius on the author's blog Irregular Wars and was very impressed with what I saw.

So, I immediately bought a copy when it was released on Wargames Vault; here is a pic of the cover:

Having read it, I find that I really like it, so I've set myself a goal - to have it ready to play at Christmas with my siblings, their kids & my parents.

To that end, having bought the rules, I looked around for chariots to use as I didn't have any.  The author has used 6mm chariots on his blog, but, although a fan of 6mm, I wanted to use something a bit bigger, so have bought a bunch from Newline Designs' 10mm range (which happened to be on a 25% off sale at the time - result!).

I'm envisaging a multi-part track (2 or 3 parts - not sure) from 6mm MDF at the moment, and am considering getting a Javis desert wargaming mat from SnM Stuff to put on that board, although I may yet use my own sand ... not really sure at the moment.  If I use the mat, it may be difficult to base the chariots to match. Doing it myself would be make matching the bases much easier.

If it all goes well, I may use these rules for other racing games - I have a bunch of Victorian steam tanks that I could well use for it!


  1. Well, you wait for months then a dozen posts all come along at once.
    I'm very pleased to see you've returned to your old blog.
    (I dorealise that these have been ported over from your 'other' blog; is the other blog now defunct ?)

    1. Hi Joe, Glad you found me again! Yes, I've closed the other blog; upon very considerable reflection, it did seem pointless 2 have 2 blogs