Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gladiator Arena (1)

I didn't assemble my Charlie Foxtrot Models' Gladiator Arena last night, but I did take a pic of the pieces. As you can see it's painted and the floor has had sand glued to it and then sealed with a thick coat of satin varnish.

Unfortunately I'm not particularly happy with how it's turned out. That's definitely because of what I've done & not the fault of the model

It won't stop me finishing it though - it's become a bit of a millstone around my neck that I am very much looking forward to getting rid of now.  Perhaps when it is finally finished, I'll give it to my nephew for christmas and get another one for myself - I'll know then what not to do when assembling it!


  1. Looks fine to me...maybe a bit of drybrushing?

  2. If you're that unhappy with it, I think the pressy idea is a good one, but why not try scratch-building something similarly simple?