Sunday, 28 August 2016

My 1/6000th Cold War Navy mini's

I've just added a page to the blog that details all my 1/6000th cold war naval mini's. They are really small as the photo to the right shows, but I like them! I've used them several times with the fast play rules Shipwreck.

I just got the new modern rules Naval Command and I'm looking forward to trying them out - they seem even more fast play than Shipwreck


  1. Not a period that I'm particularly interest in but these minis look really good and given the ranges involed (I'm guessing) very suitable for the task.

  2. Very tiny but very cool...I have a small handful of these which came with my copy of Shipwreck via Ebay. Never used them but they must be somewhere?

  3. If you want to try Naval Command sometime we can have a game with my mini's