Friday, 30 September 2016

Tuesday's Game

Unfortunately, although Tuesday evening's game of Contemptible Little Armies (CLA) was very enjoyable, I forgot the case into which I had carefully packed everything I needed except my figures! This included my camera so I have no pictures of the game at all :(  Jim did bring his camera though, so there are some pictures in the post over on his blog "Bolshevik Victory!"

It was an experimental game for me - the first outing for my White Russians as well as my first 'solo' game with the rules - and it could certainly have been a better result for me, but I did enjoy it which is what counts. As I have no pics of the game here are some better pics of my latest recruits; first the tank

And then the sniper - he will have numerous tufts to enhance his 'hidingness'
I had also intended to use the game markers that I had been making over the summer for the first time. Made from Supreme Littleness Designs range of 15mm Markers I had been looking forward to 'getting them out' as it were ...

All of the markers have been glued to pennies and then filler was place around the markers to round them out. After painting, Army Painter strong tone was applied and then 2 or 3 (can't remember!) coats of satin varnish applied.

These green 'X's were to be used to indicate stationary units - which are harder to hit under the CLA rules.
The explosion markers were to record that morale tests were necessary
And finally, the crossed bones would have been used to mark that a unit had failed a morale test. In CLA a unit can fail morale multiple times and it should be marked that it has - after 3 (I think!) such failures the unit routs and is removed
I've got a whole bunch of different markers done and will get some photos of the rest up eventually!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

White Russian Progress

In anticipation of tonight's Contemptible Little Armies' game, I put the dip on my steam tank - that will be pretending to be an FT-17 tonight - and my sniper last night, and was up early enough to add a coat of satin varnish:
I'm quite pleased with them, and they will look better once the bases are done, although I don't currently have one big enough for the tank!

May not get on so well with my camera tonight - it's quite old and the battery is playing up, so I'll take the hudl as a backup

As a note, I've updated the tank pic on My Lead Men White Russians page

Monday, 26 September 2016

Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow will be my first game in a looooong time as I'm playing 3rd edition 'Comtemptible Little Armies' specifically the 'Back of Beyond' supplement.

My White Russians will be taking on Jim's very bolshie scum Boshevik horde, although having called them a horde, looking at Jim's post, there doesn't seem to be that many of them ... but he does seem to have a whole bunch of machines ... we will place our faith in the muscle & blood of honest Russians and emerge triumphant!!

Since my last post about the Whites, I've painted the tank & sniper and part done the extra infantry & cavalry but not enough to use them. The tank & sniper will be dipped tonight and should be ready for tomorrow night.  I'd meant to do the bases on all of the Whites but I've been painting my new 3mm toys instead.

I'm really looking forward to finally playing a game and will (hopefully!) take my camera so I can post here after I've won played.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Posting on the other blog ..

Got back from my work trip to Manchester last night and my delivery of shiny new Oddzial Osmy toys was on the doormat.

As they are for my new imagi-nations project, I put a post on the new blog that I'm running with Jim: First Recruits Arrived & Unpacked

Jim had got in before that though with his first post: Iskanderan Responds, but I wouldn't bother to read it if I were you - it's just Iskanderanianist propoganda - honest! :)

Monday, 19 September 2016

An Imagi-Nation blog

Following my post about inspiration for a new project, I've been emailing with Jim of Jim's Wargames Workbench and the creative juices have really been flowing - so much so that the project is a go! Figures ordered and a new blog to record the exploits of Timonistan & Pumbaaskaya has been created!
the country names are a direct homage to the excellent Hakuna Matata Wars blog by Just Jack, the main inspiration for this project
In the blogger setup you can invite an author, so I've invited Jim to join in on this - let's help it goes well!

In other news - I'm away for work this week; I was going to paint some bits for my White Russians, but couldn't summon up the mojo to pack the figures and my painting stuff ... hopefully I'll do something worthwhile in the boring evenings though ...

Thursday, 15 September 2016

White Russians - more pics

Jim - the mad genius behind the epic blog that is Jim's Wargames Workbench - and I were emailing yesterday, in the course of which we have arranged a game of Back of Beyond later in the month.

For the game, I'm going to use my White Russians; however, they are not quite ready yet ... so I thought I'd take some pics of them before I finished them off. Most of these pics are on the ' My Lead Men - White Russians for Back of Beyond' page, but I thought I'd share some here as well
The officers
The Ladies
The support
Some of the cavalry
Some of the PBI

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

New Project Inspiration

I am currently attempting to fight off the growing urge to begin another project ...

Since I found the excellent Hakuna Matata Wars blog written by Just Jack of the BlackHawkHet blog, I have been deeply, deeply, inspired by the imagi-nation conflict between Hakuna and Matata to create my own imagi-nations and pit them against each other in some early Cold War wranglings.

I've decided what each side will have using Oddzial Osmy 3mm figures:
British supplied force:
  Tanks - Conqueror
  APC - Saracen
  Recce - Saladin
  Infantry - British WW2
  Aircraft - Mosquito (will use as Tsetse variant - has 6pdr QF cannon)

Soviet supplied force:
  Tanks - T55
  APC - BTR-152
  Recce - PT76
  Infantry - Soviet WW2
  Aircraft - PE-2
With 1 pack of each of the above and an extra pack of T55s that would be £33 from Magister Militum and give me enough mini's to run battalion level games.  As a note, I know that the aircraft I've chosen were retired before the vehicles came into use, but I like them!

Campaign rules and imagi-nation generation will be courtesy of Not Just a Brush War and combat rules would be FiveCore Company Command both by Nordic Weasel Games. I'll also try IABSM to get a comparison between the two

Having typed all this out, I'm now even more inspired to place the order and get this idea moving.  The only things holding me back now are:
a) not sure I can afford it before I get paid
b) how on earth will I come with names as great as Hakuna and Matata??

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

White Russians group shot

When I first attended Wessex Wargamers Winchester there were rumours of a Back of Beyond campaign to be run by Jim of the excellent blog Jim's Wargames Workbench. Unfortunately, it was postponed to an unspecified time later this year.

Anyway, as this coincided with my annual bonus, I bought a bunch of 28mm figures and painted them:

I got as far as dipping them before the postponement was announced, and as it is now later in the year, last night I got all the painted infantry out so I could add the satin varnish to tone down the gloss.  As I Was about to leave for work this morning I realised that I hadn't put pics of them up on here yet so I took the group shot above.

Tonight, I'll add the varnish and try to get some better shots for their My Lead Men page. As well as the above I've got 12 (of 18) cavalry done and a steam tank that will be an FT17 in the rules

Thursday, 8 September 2016

More Pages Added

I've ben quite unhappy with the quality of the photos I've been getting using my Hudl recently, so last night, I dug out my digital camera, charged the battery and used that to take some pics instead.

This pic is of some of my 3mm cold war mini's and IMO it's much clearer than my recent stuff, so I'm happier now!

Using the pic's I took last night, I've added 3 more 'My Lead Men' pages; these are 'summary' versions at present, and I'll expand them when I've taken more pics; they are:
As well as having pics, the pages also have document some of my ideas and plans, which, given my advancing age, I'm sure will help immensely when I come back to a particular project after abandoning it for a while! 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


I got my car insurance renewal through the other day and the company - who shall remain nameless - wanted just over £1,000 to insure me for the coming year.

"This is a bit much," I thought, so I went to and got a quote there. Very happy with my sub £500 quote, I also got a 0%, no-fee, balance transfer for my credit card, but that's another story ...

"What does this have to do with wargaming/hobby/anything-we're-remotely-interested-in ?!" I hear you cry

Well, it got me thinking; if I had a house fire, or flood, or similar disaster at home, how would I claim to replace part/all of my miniature collection and/or lead mountain??  Would the insurance company be satisified with "errr ... about 40 28mm painted vikings, around 200 3mm moderns, some spaceships, a few modern 1/6000th ships," etc ...

I think that either they'd probably say "Prove it" or something along those lines

So in an attempt to have some proof, I've decided that I'm going to use the My Lead Men page on this blog as an index page to a catalogue of all my miniatures - even the unpainted ones that are part of my lead mountain. As you might imagine, this will be quite a task and one that I might never finish, but I think it's worth a try. It might even help with those times that I'm thinking "I'll just get X figures ... have I already got some of them?"

I've already got a page with my 1/6000th Cold War Naval that I posted about the other day as well as a page for my Elfball teams and I've just created one for my Faustus Furius stuff that has new (but still quite bad) pics of the chariots.

As I post here on the blog with updates on various projects, I'll update (or create) the 'My Lead Men' page as well

I wonder if any of my readers think this idea is worth pursuing themselves? after all, how would you prove what you had in your collection if you had to make an insurance claim?

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Imperial Skies ... disappointed ...

When I got home last night, my copy of the Imperial Skies rulebook that I'd got from the Kickstarter project I'd backed, was waiting for me.

I've not read all of it as yet, but I did read the first 20-odd pages last night, and flicked through the rest of it.

And I'm disappointed, I must admit.  The rules themselves seem (to me anyway) to be derived from Full Thrust* - which is not a bad thing, but I had expected something ... 'more', although I don't know what.

* 3 sizes of armament with damage based on range, hull points with damage thresholds, fighters at first glance seem to have identical rules, etc

It also seems to suffer from poor proof-reading; an example is the photo on pg25. It has the caption: "Movement example using the rulers to make a turn. Much better photo of ruler movement needed" and the photo has no ruler movement in it ...  (When looking at the rules last night, I thought there were more examples of this, but I can't find them now - typical.)

It includes 45 pages of ship data cards - so  I have the choice of defacing the rulebook to cut them out, or break the spine scanning them. They would have been better supplied as a pdf or seperate sheets.

Of course, this is my first reaction - I may love them after a thorough read and playing them, but at the moment I'm left disappointed and regretting paying what I did for these rules. I wish I'd waited and got a pdf copy. Obviously, your opinion may differ wildly.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Faustus Furius (4) - Trojans

Another pair of Faustus Furius racing chariots were done over the weekend, this time the Trojans, along with their wreck markers. They've had dip applied and the coat of satin varnish to mitigate the gloss of the strong tone.
Red Trojan chariot

Yellow Trojan chariot