Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Imperial Skies ... disappointed ...

When I got home last night, my copy of the Imperial Skies rulebook that I'd got from the Kickstarter project I'd backed, was waiting for me.

I've not read all of it as yet, but I did read the first 20-odd pages last night, and flicked through the rest of it.

And I'm disappointed, I must admit.  The rules themselves seem (to me anyway) to be derived from Full Thrust* - which is not a bad thing, but I had expected something ... 'more', although I don't know what.

* 3 sizes of armament with damage based on range, hull points with damage thresholds, fighters at first glance seem to have identical rules, etc

It also seems to suffer from poor proof-reading; an example is the photo on pg25. It has the caption: "Movement example using the rulers to make a turn. Much better photo of ruler movement needed" and the photo has no ruler movement in it ...  (When looking at the rules last night, I thought there were more examples of this, but I can't find them now - typical.)

It includes 45 pages of ship data cards - so  I have the choice of defacing the rulebook to cut them out, or break the spine scanning them. They would have been better supplied as a pdf or seperate sheets.

Of course, this is my first reaction - I may love them after a thorough read and playing them, but at the moment I'm left disappointed and regretting paying what I did for these rules. I wish I'd waited and got a pdf copy. Obviously, your opinion may differ wildly.


  1. A definite case of Caveat emptor!

  2. I am sorry you are disappointed at first encounter. But you may find the ship data cards online ready to print out. Maybe not now but perhaps in a few weeks. I think most sensible games companies would do that.

  3. Sorry to hear this mate. I reckon if you ask they will release the PDF or printable version may be uploaded.