Wednesday, 7 September 2016


I got my car insurance renewal through the other day and the company - who shall remain nameless - wanted just over £1,000 to insure me for the coming year.

"This is a bit much," I thought, so I went to and got a quote there. Very happy with my sub £500 quote, I also got a 0%, no-fee, balance transfer for my credit card, but that's another story ...

"What does this have to do with wargaming/hobby/anything-we're-remotely-interested-in ?!" I hear you cry

Well, it got me thinking; if I had a house fire, or flood, or similar disaster at home, how would I claim to replace part/all of my miniature collection and/or lead mountain??  Would the insurance company be satisified with "errr ... about 40 28mm painted vikings, around 200 3mm moderns, some spaceships, a few modern 1/6000th ships," etc ...

I think that either they'd probably say "Prove it" or something along those lines

So in an attempt to have some proof, I've decided that I'm going to use the My Lead Men page on this blog as an index page to a catalogue of all my miniatures - even the unpainted ones that are part of my lead mountain. As you might imagine, this will be quite a task and one that I might never finish, but I think it's worth a try. It might even help with those times that I'm thinking "I'll just get X figures ... have I already got some of them?"

I've already got a page with my 1/6000th Cold War Naval that I posted about the other day as well as a page for my Elfball teams and I've just created one for my Faustus Furius stuff that has new (but still quite bad) pics of the chariots.

As I post here on the blog with updates on various projects, I'll update (or create) the 'My Lead Men' page as well

I wonder if any of my readers think this idea is worth pursuing themselves? after all, how would you prove what you had in your collection if you had to make an insurance claim?


  1. Strangely enough I've thought of this very subject too (not the car insurance) and I reckon the photograph idea is the only way to go without someone from the Insurnce co. coming around.

  2. I'd hate to think what all my stuff is worth, I did try and insure it a few years ago, for the payments they wanted for the insurance I could've bought another forgot the idea and promptly spent £100 on new figures!!
    But you're right its a very good idea!

  3. It definitely pays to shop around for car insurance, especially if you have a great driving record. I never even considered calling about my rate until it went up like yours. I was told they could offer me a discount based on my clean record, something they obviously don't advertise but now that I know I will be shopping around for sure.