Thursday, 8 September 2016

More Pages Added

I've ben quite unhappy with the quality of the photos I've been getting using my Hudl recently, so last night, I dug out my digital camera, charged the battery and used that to take some pics instead.

This pic is of some of my 3mm cold war mini's and IMO it's much clearer than my recent stuff, so I'm happier now!

Using the pic's I took last night, I've added 3 more 'My Lead Men' pages; these are 'summary' versions at present, and I'll expand them when I've taken more pics; they are:
As well as having pics, the pages also have document some of my ideas and plans, which, given my advancing age, I'm sure will help immensely when I come back to a particular project after abandoning it for a while! 


  1. Very nice pics they do seem much brighter.

  2. How on earth can you paint anything so msall ? (I'm having trouble with my 54mms!)

    1. Quickly and always remembering that they'll be seen from at least a metre away!