Wednesday, 14 September 2016

New Project Inspiration

I am currently attempting to fight off the growing urge to begin another project ...

Since I found the excellent Hakuna Matata Wars blog written by Just Jack of the BlackHawkHet blog, I have been deeply, deeply, inspired by the imagi-nation conflict between Hakuna and Matata to create my own imagi-nations and pit them against each other in some early Cold War wranglings.

I've decided what each side will have using Oddzial Osmy 3mm figures:
British supplied force:
  Tanks - Conqueror
  APC - Saracen
  Recce - Saladin
  Infantry - British WW2
  Aircraft - Mosquito (will use as Tsetse variant - has 6pdr QF cannon)

Soviet supplied force:
  Tanks - T55
  APC - BTR-152
  Recce - PT76
  Infantry - Soviet WW2
  Aircraft - PE-2
With 1 pack of each of the above and an extra pack of T55s that would be £33 from Magister Militum and give me enough mini's to run battalion level games.  As a note, I know that the aircraft I've chosen were retired before the vehicles came into use, but I like them!

Campaign rules and imagi-nation generation will be courtesy of Not Just a Brush War and combat rules would be FiveCore Company Command both by Nordic Weasel Games. I'll also try IABSM to get a comparison between the two

Having typed all this out, I'm now even more inspired to place the order and get this idea moving.  The only things holding me back now are:
a) not sure I can afford it before I get paid
b) how on earth will I come with names as great as Hakuna and Matata??


  1. Fortunately for me, anything that smacks of "modern" doesn't hold any appeal :-) . Still, good luck with your new project.

    I'm sure that playing around with other songs would allow you to come up with similar names. How about "Letitgo" or (playing about with more than 1 line of the chorus at a time) "Goleti", for starters?

    1. Thanks for that Hugh! Letitgoistan, ruled by King Colgar VIth!

  2. Good luck with this project; a new project is always a big factor in keeping up enthusiasm going for the hobby.
    There are a great number of online name generators for names, but using common names, whilst strange at first can soon become friendly and familiar. depending where in the fictional world you're setting the nations, as examples, you could have "Colinia", "Colinska", "Colinga", "Colinskya" and so on. It really is one of the really fun bit of a fictional setting.

  3. That sounds fun. as for a name "Colinastan" or "Nashion". Your post has me thinking. which is never a bad thing. tempting to join in myself but already too many irons in the fire.

  4. Sounds a lot of fun! Look forward to seeing more of it.