Monday, 26 September 2016

Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow will be my first game in a looooong time as I'm playing 3rd edition 'Comtemptible Little Armies' specifically the 'Back of Beyond' supplement.

My White Russians will be taking on Jim's very bolshie scum Boshevik horde, although having called them a horde, looking at Jim's post, there doesn't seem to be that many of them ... but he does seem to have a whole bunch of machines ... we will place our faith in the muscle & blood of honest Russians and emerge triumphant!!

Since my last post about the Whites, I've painted the tank & sniper and part done the extra infantry & cavalry but not enough to use them. The tank & sniper will be dipped tonight and should be ready for tomorrow night.  I'd meant to do the bases on all of the Whites but I've been painting my new 3mm toys instead.

I'm really looking forward to finally playing a game and will (hopefully!) take my camera so I can post here after I've won played.


  1. A ha...the cunning Bolshevik 'maskirovka' is working!!!

    Actually, that's only part of the army but it is decidedly less extensive than your infantry horde...hope you've organised them into proper units for their imminent defeat???

    1. Well I've got them in units - but 'proper' units? I'll sure we'll find out tonight!

  2. Always good to get a game in.