Tuesday, 27 September 2016

White Russian Progress

In anticipation of tonight's Contemptible Little Armies' game, I put the dip on my steam tank - that will be pretending to be an FT-17 tonight - and my sniper last night, and was up early enough to add a coat of satin varnish:
I'm quite pleased with them, and they will look better once the bases are done, although I don't currently have one big enough for the tank!

May not get on so well with my camera tonight - it's quite old and the battery is playing up, so I'll take the hudl as a backup

As a note, I've updated the tank pic on My Lead Men White Russians page


  1. A very effective looking sniper, but does a gentleman stoop to such tricks? Seems a very foreign way of thinking to me.

    The tank is a Triumph though.

    1. Thanks Clint - looking at it now, I realise it's a rather cr*ppy pic, so I'll post some better ones soon!

      Also, they're White Russians not gentlemen! :)

    2. White Russians can still be gentlemen! I have had a suprising morning thinking about this campaign. And am very tempted to do something similar..... (But do not hold your breath!)