Thursday, 13 October 2016

Old Age & Ebaying Mini's

Well, I'm finally having to admit it ... I'm getting so old my eyes are going and I'm having to get some reading glasses to be able to paint miniatures.

I've always been short-sighted and started to permanently wear specs about the age of 10, but at my last eyetest back in May it became apparent that my nearsight has detiorated to the point wear I should have varifocals or reading glasses.

I didn't get any then as I decided to continue removing my specs when painting or reading, but it's now getting to the point where I'm nearly getting paint on my nose as I'm having to hold the mini's so close ...

So off to Tesco's after to work to order some reading glasses ... ho-hum ...

The painting I mentioned above has been the 3mm stuff for my other blog - Wars of Turkmenistania - as well as the White Russians I've been posting about here recently and I've had an epiphany ...

I've decided to get into 3mm as my main figure size as I really enjoy painting them and divest myself of my assorted other miniatures via ebay. With this cunning plan I shall soon be using the evil corporate giant to sell mini's for the first time ...

Or, as is more likely, I'll plan to do it and then not get to around to it, and still have all the mini's stored away in 5 years time ....  :)


  1. I had a similar plan a while back but it didn't work out, mainly due to a lack of time to stick it all on eBay!

  2. I was all fired up to start cataloging and Ebaying over the weekend and I did absolutely none of it ... based my 3mm stuff instead!