Friday, 28 October 2016

Restarting a stalled project?

Back in August I saw this post on Jim's Wargames Workbench - Rise of the Battleships

Pre-Dreadnaught naval is yet another wargaming period that has long intrigued me and I even bought some of Tumbling Dice's Victorian Period ships to try it out, but, as usual, never found a set of rules that I liked.

Anyway, I splashed out & got Rise of the Battleships from Wargames Vault and now I've finally got around to reading them, am definitely liking them so far!

Time to try and find the ships I bought and see how the rules work out ...


  1. Always good to recover from a stall. (I have many many stalled projects)

  2. I thought they looked really good - fast and with a lot of common sense mechanisms - just couldn't find a set of ships in a scale that I liked and could afford.

  3. Brill! I still haven't found the zombie ruleset for me yet either!

  4. Fascinating period! Look forward to following your adventures!

  5. Ah, most interesting. Pre-dreadnaughts is on my "not quite bucket" list [i.e. would be nice but will probably never get round to it...]