Monday, 3 October 2016

White Russian Progress, part the second

Over the weekend, I made a bit more progress on my unpainted White Russian stuff but nothing is quite finished yet - although it very nearly is!

I've also decided to repurpose a couple more Ironclad Miniatures' Steam Tanks that I have to my White Russians, although this time as 'armoured cars' - pics of them when they're finished. 

The Back of Beyond White Russian army list does allow me to have an aircraft as part of my force, but when I suggested the newest member of the Ironclad Mini's range as my aircraft - see pic to right - Jim, the guy running the campaign, said he had to draw the line somewhere ... dashed unsporting if you ask me!
I forgot to tell him I already have one of these - pic to left - perhaps he'll let me use that?


  1. LMAO I doubt Jim will let you use the ether flyer. Personally I would have let you use the first flying machine. But I can also see Jims point of view. So I cannot argue the case either way.

    1. He did say that my VSF stuff is 'likely to raise a few eyebrows' - but that is the point of it after all!

  2. Hmm, a steel-plated flying machine? Seems a bit heavy to fly, given a 1920s power plant - unless it uses magic or weird science.

    Depends how historical this project is, doesn't it :-) ?