Thursday, 6 October 2016

White Russian Progress, part the third

Well, I got fed up with painting the 6 cavalry I have to yet to finish, and put the dip on the infantry and 'armoured cars' I'd finished for the White Russians and decided to put up some pics of them here.

I'll also update the 'My Lead Men - White Russians for Back of Beyond' with the pics - in case you've not seen that page it has all the latest pics of the entire force.

Note that these pics are before I've applied a coat of satin varnish which mitigates the gloss effect of the dip.
4 more infantry
Signaller + medic for command base
"armoured car" no.1 with Copplestone pilot
"armoured car" no.2
The riflemen, signaller and medic are all from Footsore Miniatures, but are no longer listed on their website ... the "armoured cars" are both from Ironclad Miniatures steam tank range


  1. It all looks good to me and I am following with interest.

  2. An exotic & chaotic period, for sure. My grandmother fled from the Russian civil war as a little girl (her father was a White officer), so I have a personal interest as well.

  3. Off to a great start! Love those armoured cars they look cracking!