Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Another project? Falklands War?

I'm currently reading "Logistics in the Falklands War: A Case Study in Expeditionary Warfare" by Kenneth L. Privratsky, a retired US Army Major General.

Before I started reading this book, I thought I knew about the Falklands War ... now I've nearly finished it, I realise that I knew nothing about just what a monumental task it was for the British armed forces to project Operation Corporate 8,000 miles from the UK to the Falklands.

Although the title made me think that it would be a dry struggle to read, it is very easy to read and well written. It is more of a history of the conflict with the logistical difficulties (and the struggles to overcome them) included - which is not something that you normally see in campaign histories.

In short, I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and it's the only book I've bought for Kindle that I'm going to get a physical copy of, because I want to see it on my bookshelf

I've long toyed with the idea of gaming the Falklands and this book has pushed me over the edge - I've just ordered 3 on the Osprey books on the war and I'm off to the Pendraken site to look at their range!


  1. While I have not read tat book. I would STRONGLY recommend "Don't cry for me Sargent Major" hard to get now a days.

    For me it is not a wargame at all but everyone is different. And if it is your cup of tea go for it with both hands

  2. The Pendraken figures are great...I have a bunch of the RM and you wouldn't know they weren't 15mm.

  3. Awesome look forward to seeing this take life. Cheers for the book recommendation.

  4. The title does indeed sound dry, but with your recommendation I might just have a look at this book...