Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Oops! I did it again ...

I was searching for samurai mdf buildings as terrain for Test of Honour the other day, when Google gave me TTCombat's website. After a quick look around, I found Rumbleslam, their game of fantasy wrestling ...
I had previously come across this game during its Kickstarter, but had to cancel my backing due to a lack of funds ...

Obviously, now I'm employed again, I had to buy it and I picked it up from my local post office this morning.  So far it looks pretty good, and I'm looking forward to unboxing it tonight!

I just wish I'd done a bit more google-fu on it, as I see that The Outpost are selling the game for 20% less than the manufacturers are!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you think of this game, once you've un-boxed it!

  2. Have fun and enjoy. I am doing something similar with Mantic's the Walking dead. Just amassing the funds from some figures sales for it.

  3. I will also be interested to hear what you think of this game :-) .

  4. I'd better get on with an un-boxing post, hadn't I!!