Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Well ... that happened ...

In my last post (19-Oct-17!), I announced the arrival of the 2 retired greyhounds ... well unfortunately that did not work out and they went back after 2 weeks.

Whether this coincided, caused, or was because of, depression (always lurking) I don't know, but it came back to plague me in the last quarter of 2017, eventually leading me to take most of the month of December sick.

During this time, I did virtually nothing hobby-related spending most of it trying to escape the misery by (re)playing games on my PC which then proceeded to die on me ...

So, the end of '17 is best forgotten I think.

However, '18 is looking up (I hope!).  I've got a new PC and started hobby stuff again, even managing to start assembling some Charlie Foxtrot Models' buildings I got at the Exeter show (in Feb 17!).

In 2018 I hope to (in no particular order):
* go to Wessex Wargamers Winchester about once a month
* actually play some games
* get my Chain of Command Brits & Germans to the point I can play one of the Pint Sized Campaigns
* thin the lead mountain with some realism regarding the un-started/finished projects
* post on this blog and The Wargames Website more often (don't know what that means right now, but at least it's a goal, of a sort!)

Enough from me for now - I hope everyone out there had an enjoyable holiday season


  1. Sad that the hounds didn't work out for you and I cantruly empathise with being ill, as I was backin October, but here's hoping for a much better 208!

    1. Me too; thanks Joe, hope you have a good 2018 as well

  2. Hi Colin, sorry to hear you havenot been well. I hope you have a better 2018.
    At N Farnborough there is a small group who play 15mm Chain of Command using Brits & Germans. Not me, you will be pleased to hear.

    Get yerself down, I know you will be welcomed.


    1. Thanks Graham, I might just do that! BUT, I've moved - just north of Andover now - so I'm not sure when I can get to the club ...