Thursday, 5 April 2018

Fighting 15s Sale Now Over & What I've Been Doing

Well I took another shot at Fighting 15s OO sale (now over) and the results arrived yesterday - a whole stack of 3mm ACW that I intend (at some point in the far future) to use with my Aeronef & Land Ironclads for a Horizon Wars VSF / ESF (Victorian Sci-Fi / Edwardian Sci-Fi) game.

Well, it's a cunning plan anyway ...

At the moment, I am actually painting figures - 15mm in fact!  I've caught a Conan-style fantasy bug from the efforts of Mike on the Wargames Website - his posts are very inspiring.

My efforts will be more fantastical than Mike's have been though, as I've got Skeletons, Beastmen and Lizardmen antagonists.  Not sure what rules I'll use but I'm thinking of Pulp Alley at the moment.

I'll update more, and maybe even post some pictures (!), at some point ...

But don't hold your breath :(

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  1. An interesting venture into something that I've never considered - not the 15mms, (I've got them in abundance for ACW) but the fantasy aspect.