Friday, 29 June 2018

At the moment ...

... I am progressing 2 of my myriad wargaming projects - one of which is a new one.

from GZG site
The newbie is 15mm Lunar Wars, using (mainly) Ground Zero Games' excellent 'Moongrunt' range of figures. As well as GZG's 2 factions, I've added a third using Brigade Models PacFed armoured infantry combined with some backpacks from GZG.

Along with these infantry, I've got a selection of vehicles from Brigade and a bunch of The Ion Age's 'Hab Dome' buildings. All of these will be played with on some boards that I had cut to size by Gerry's Timber here in Andover and am 'embellishing' to look like the lunar surface.

I was totally unaware of GZG's range until I read the moongrunt posts on the Ambushed in the Alley blog.  Once I saw them, though, I had to get some.  Combat in a hard vacuum is something I've wanted to game since I read The VCs' stories in 2000AD a loooong time ago!

I've got 6 30cm x 30cm boards done, so when I got a squad from 2 of the 3 factions done, I can do some testing.  I'm planning on using a mix of mainly 'No End In Sight' with some bits from 'No Stars In Sight', which I'm calling 'The Earth In Sight'.

As you can probably tell, I'm really enthused by this project, more so than any of the other projects I've started recently ...

And one of those is also getting some attention ... my 3mm early cold war imagi-nation project. Although I've actually painted some figures for that, I've recently discovered that the satin finish I thought I liked is trumped by a matt finish, so I'm going to get a coat of matt on them and then try 'FiveCore Company Command' out with them ...

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  1. Great project..I have tons of GZG 15mm sci-fi stuff. Lovely models and really nice people to deal with.