Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Lunar Wars Rules

Lunar Wars · Post The Rules That I'll Use Posting as cmnash I've decided to use - or at least start with - Nordic Weasel Games' No Stars in Sight with some elements of their No End in Sight rules ported in.

Both rulesets use the same system (called the 'In Sight' system by NWG) with 'No Stars' being the SF version while 'No End' is for Cold War / 'Modern' conflicts. To emphasise that I'm using a hybrid, I've decided to call my version 'The Earth in Sight' or TEiS

There are a couple of differences between them though, which is why I'm using a hybrid. I'm going to list the changes I'm making for TEiS here & will put a page on the blog to collate changes as I add, amend or even remove changes. So far they are:

  • Remove 'permanent' stress as per No End
  • The activation of a leader is a phase - when all leaders 'exhausted' the 'turn' is over
  • Micro-Gravity
    • Competence - all troops are either 'Skilled' or 'Unskilled' with the micro-gravity of Luna
    • Jumping - figures can jump obstacles of upto twice their height as part of their movement
      • Unskilled - if over their height, subject to reaction fire & if fired upon are pinned upon landing
    • Base Move - Skilled add 1"
    • Rushing - use d10 for rushes
      • Unskilled - if roll more than distance to destination will be pinned at end of move, but have option to move full roll
    • Grenade Throwing - ALL thrown grenades scatter; use d12 for direction
      • Unskilled scatter 1d8"
      • Skilled scatter 1d4"
    • Grenade Launching - may scatter short or long
      • Unskilled - d6; 1-2 short d6", 5-6 long d8"
      • Skilled - d6; 1-2 short d4", 5-6 long d6"
    • Smoke Grenades - 3" radii; place marker/token next to smoke cloud; at end of turn remove all smoke without a marker, remove marker from those that have one
  • Hard Vacuum - any casualty (i.e. unresolved hit) at the end of the turn is killed

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