Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Lunar Wars - Terrain

I finally managed to take some pictures of the terrain boards I've made for the Lunar Wars project; to the right is a group shot of the six I've made - each is a 9mm mdf square. In the middle of the pic is a 15mm GZG moongrunt figure to give a sens of size. All these boards need now is a coat of matt varnish

 To the left is a close up of the same figure, in the same place as in the first pic. I have to say that I'm very pleased with how these boards have come out, although now I look at the pics, I think I'm going to add some taller crater walls to the next batch
 As well as the Lunar surface boards, I'm going to make some smaller boards to allow conflict in sublunar tunnels; to the right is the prototype for these boards, which are 15cm squares
And finally, a WIP shot of the Lunar base tile, which shows how I've been making the craters shown in the first and second pics. The building are from The Ion Age 15mm terrain range


  1. It all looks Fantastic. Great boards. If I can help at all just shout, although it looks like you have it all in hand.

  2. Love the building and terrain boards

    1. Thankyou Joe - who knows, I might actually get a game in soon!

  3. That looks superb. I have the same space base thing...great model!

  4. The buildings are nice, but a bit pricey; just got some more though, for a landing pad tile, a mine tile & an excavated 'mysterious object' tile