Tuesday, 3 July 2018

LW - Problem ... or Opportunity?

I bought Brigade Models' armoured PacFed infantry platoon, combined with GZG's UNSC backpacks to use as Timonistani infantry, but after they both arrived I found that the PacFed infantry's shoulder pads would need major remodelling to get the backpacks to fit them ...

So, I've decided to get some of GZG's UNSC in hardsuits for Timonistan's troops instead & use the PacFed infantry for more conventional 15mm SF gaming instead.

I am trying to view this as an opportunity though, as it means that I'll be able to further differentiate the Timonistan troopers from their enemies and creating differences between the various forces is one of the objectives that I have for this project. I think it would help to elaborate on some of the differences that I have established so far:

  • Iskanderan - small squad size (of 7), no AT weapon in squad, SAWs, standard weapon is Assault Rifle, 'sniper' at platoon level
  • Pumbaskayaan - large squads (13), AT weapons in squad, no SAWs, standard weapon is 'light automatic weapon', no 'snipers'
  • Timonistani - average squad size (10), AT weapon in squad, SAWs, standard of Assault Rifle, 'sniper' at squad level,  UNSC 'hardsuits' makes them 'armoured'
If you look at the Platoons blog post, you'll see that I've varied the ratings of each force as well, but I'll cover that when I post about the rules I intend to use, which will also help to quantify the differences I listed above .

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