Tuesday, 3 July 2018

New project - Lunar Wars

I've started a(nother!) new project - 15mm science fiction platoon scale battles on Earth's Moon. I succumbed after reading Buckeye's posts about Ground Zero Games' excellent Moongrunt figures. So being me, and having an un-maxed credit card, I bought both of GZG's factions and some of Brigade Models' PacFed infantry.

Originally, I was going to use them to represent British, French & German forces battling on the Moon, but then I thought "Why not use my imagi-nations?" - see the blog The Wars of Turkmenistania

I've put together some platoon TO&Es - see next post - for Iskanderan, Pumbaskayaa & Timonistan, made some terrain boards and hope to have some pics up soon (ish!)

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