Thursday, 12 July 2018

Not much ... diceframes

For my Lunar Wars project, using Nordic Weasel Games' No Sight system, I need a way to track Stress on the leaders of the troops.

frames on bases - exciting ...huh?
I knew I had a bunch of dice frames somewhere, but could I find them?  Like hell I could, but eventually I managed to, and I even had some bases with them the right size for sticking them too!

So this morning, having woken up at quarter-past-stupid-o'clock again, I glued them together:
So, another step on the road to finishing a project - if such a thing exists!

That is probably more than I need for Lunar Wars, and I'll use the balance for the Burma figures I think


  1. Markers in games are always a bind, but the dice'tray' solution is one of the least intrusive in a game.,