Friday, 13 July 2018

Trying a moonport tile

This morning, having (for a change) woken up at quarter-TO-stoopid-o'clock, I trialled a layout for the moonport tile I'm planning for Lunar Wars and you can see it to the right

The containers (3cm mdf cubes) and the landing pads are both from Mad Mecha Guy (MMG), while the resin building is from The Ion Age. I have some bigger containers that I think I'll use as a 'blast wall' between the two pads

I also dug out some of the mdf furniture that I'd previously got from MMG to see what that would look like for my sub-surface tiles and I'm pleased with them - more things to paint!


  1. Love the base and the nice to see thewhole project taking shape.

  2. Looks very moon base-y to me...nice landing pads.

    Have a look at the 15mm landing pad from Blotz...really nice bit of kit.