Friday, 2 November 2018

Many & Varied ...

I've been making more dungeon tiles:
The pic shows some 'room' tiles and also my first attempts at stairs - should have made taller stairs ... I've also got another couple of magnetic notice boards ready to spray for them to stick to - job for the weekend.

I've been seeing a lot of posts about Sam Mustafa's Rommel wargame rules, so I bought a copy this week, and they seem to me like they'll be fun - another new project looms!

Having read them, I got to thinking about other grid based wargames - specifically Peter Pig's RFCM series.  So after not nearly enough thought, I gave my credit card another thrashing and bought a bunch of them, some as pdf, others as hard-copy as they're not all available as pdfs.

Having read 'War in the Age of Battles' (Samurai), 'Regiment of Foote' (ECW) and 'Square Bashing' (WW1), I think that they all create an enjoyable game and would like to give them all a try ... but that will be some time in the future - if ever!

I have a bunch of 10mm Samurai from a Bring & Buy many years ago, and Pendraken late western front WW1 so that just leaves ECW to go on the new project list.

'War in the Age of Magic' (Fantasy) & 'Civil War Battles' (ACW) should arrive tomorrow - I did say the credit card got thrashed ...