My Lead Men - Elfball Teams

I can't remember for the life of me how I stumbled across Elfball originally, but I must have somehow ... anyway, when I did and found that the rules were free to download (see link on name), I printed and read a copy.  They seemed pretty damn good to me, so I ordered a copy of the game - to get the board - and then bought a couple of 28mm teams at Salute 2011. Or maybe it was 2010 ...

Here are the finished miniatures. First up is the Shadowforge Miniatures Female Gridiron team. I've used Oriental Flesh paint as the skin colour and black hair, the idea being they are the 'Wu-Sheng' Dragons, an oriental ladies elfball team, who (at some point!) will have a half-dragon owner (from Hasslefree)

I am really pleased with how well they've come out (there are actually 11 figures in the team, but 1 was hiding when I took the pics). This next pic shows the 'extras' - i.e. non-players - figures I've got. They are (from left to right): a metal ball, a goblin referee, the Dragons' coach and 3 Dragons' cheerleaders. The bottom part shows the Fenris Games 5-man skirmish movement tray (now trimmed to 4) which I'll use to ease movement of the coach and cheerleaders.

Again, I'm very pleased with these. Next is the BS team. These have been extensively chopped about and are in - IIRC - their 4th or maybe 5th colour scheme. Anyway, to show what they were purchased like, here is a pic I've copied from the BS website

Comparing that to the finished team below, you can see that there was plenty of work for my metal snippers!

And, as before, I'm pleased with these as well.

Maybe, one day, I'll actually play a game of Elfball .... but don't hold your breath ...

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