My Lead Men - Faustus Furius

Faustus Furius is a chariot racing game by Nic Wright, published by Ganesh Games, which I am in the process of creating a track and painting 10mm chariots for. My intention is to get it ready to play at christmas with my family.

In the rules, it is perfectly feasible for a chariot to crash and rejoin the race, so I'm making crashed versions of the chariots as well.  Also, the 'angry mob' can rush from the stands onto the track to cause havoc and mayhem, so I'm going to do some bases of them as well.

Here are some pics of the chariots I've finished so far
Sumerian - blue
Sumerian - green
Trojan - red
Trojan - yellow

I've also got Egyptian chariots, Sea Peoples' ox-carts, Scythed chariots and Celtic chariots undercoated and ready to paint:

Below is a pic of the figures I've got to create the 'angry mob' bases

For the track, I have a piece of MDF that is (IIRC) 90cm x 50cm x 9mm thick that I've painted sand coloured and will cover with the same childrens' play sand that I've used on the bases

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