My Lead Men - Iron Stars

Iron Stars is a set of space wargame rules published by Majestic Twelve Games available from Wargames Vault.  They are set in an alternate history version of the first decade of the 20th century where the 'Martians' really did invade earth as HG Wells' wrote in his "War of the Worlds".

To go with the game, Brigade Models produce a small range of 1/1200th spaceships, of which I have bought several. The pic to the right shows my collection; the grey ships on the left are Russian, the burgundy in the middle are Austro-Hungarian and the 3 pink are not Iron Stars ships at all! They are from Brigade Models Bug Spaceship range, but I got them as opponents for my Iron Stars ships, but haven't got around to creating ship profiles for them. The single grey ship is an undercoated upside down ship from Brigade's aeronef range, but I can't remember which nationality it is. I'm intending to use it as a merchant/passenger ship for scenarios.

Just as a note all the ships have been 'dipped' and then a coat of satin varnish applied.

Here are some close up pics of the ships; first the Austro-Hungarians; on the left is an Ersatz Monarch class battleship, centre is a Janos Hunyadi heavy cruiser and right is a Vadasz class destroyer. I have 2 of each of the larger ships and 4 of the destroyers

Next the Russians. On the left is an Admiral Spiridoff class battleship, then an Admiral Butakoff class battlecruiser, then a Tsargrad class heavy cruiser and finally, a Morozko class sloop. I've got 1 each of the battleship and battlecruiser, 2 of the heavy cruisers and 4 sloops.

Finally, the bugs. I believe (it's a long time since I bought them!) they are a Cadran class dreadnought, a Votiga class Heavy Carrier and a Heteronyx class Battleship.
I have been asked about the basing method I've used before. The vertical part of the stand is a piece of wire from a coat hangar, the bottom of which is glued into the base of a normal (black) flying stand. That base is glued to an MDF hex - 50mm flat-to-flat for the larger ships, and 40mm f-t-f for the smaller ships. The hex base is then built up with polyfilla to the flying base. 

This basing gives - IMO - a solid, stable base to the ship so they definitely won't fall over.

I've also created some data cards for the ships (pic to the right) that should make the game play pretty quickly.

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