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ATZ Campaign - Batrep 02

This post was originally published on my zed-gaming blog 'Down Among the Zed Men' on 04-Apr-2011 and is reproduced here as I've closed that blog.

I reached my 'had-enough-of-preparing-now-I-need-to-game' limit yesterday and did location 2 of day 1. Turned out to be quite a short game at 11 turns, but it was enjoyable and certainly taught me a few things that I need to include on the ATZ quick ref sheet I intend to put together. Anyway, the batrep starts soon, but first a note: rules comments are in italics in the rep, and a photo of the target of this location, the newest franchise in the UK's most famous gun-shop chain as it was being built ...

ATZ Campaign, Day One, Location Two; Andy's Gun Works

The Osterhagens, all Rep3 unarmed (at start) Civilians

It took the Osterhagen family nearly half-an-hour to get from the kids school to the closest they could get to their destination - a journey that would normally take 10 minutes! 2 successes on the get there test! Their hometown was becoming a vision of hell that Winston tried to keep Alyx, and especially Katie, from thinking about as they drove through it ...

To the left is the table I set up for the location, and below are some close ups of particular bits of scenery ...

My latest FPF, two pairs of semi-detached townhouses ... as you can see they aren't quite finished beinge held together by elastic bands!

The Graveyard

Patch of waste ground

The news crew on top of the Crossroads Mall

PEFs generated

PEFs placed; Cemetery, behind ambulance and centre left of pic (sectors 1, 2 and 4)
 Eventually they reached their destination only to find their way blocked, so they had to stop and go the rest of the way on foot ...   As I did in my first batrep, I decided to have the road blocked so the group couldn't just drive on and off the table

The way is blocked!
I used a blue dice for the Osterhagen's activation and a yellow dice for the others; activiation rolls will be noted as Bx and Yx

We have to walk!?!
 Turn 1, B4 Y6
Getting out of their vehicle, the Osterhagen's looked around cautiously ... whoever had left that council truck loaded with police barriers blocking the road had definitely made things difficult for them.

Turn 2, B3 Y6
As it looked like the way to Andy's was clear, Winston hurried everyone along, heading towards the front of the shop.
Did a fast move. Winston made the leader die roll and everyone passed 1d6 - including Winston. I wasn't sure wherther he would get the benefit of the leader die, but the example on p10 of ATZ indicated to me that it does


 Turn 3, B5 Y4
The rep4 PEF moved towards the family, was determined to be 1 more ganger; I used the Meet & Greet table from ATZ not the one from IZed as it seemed more appropriate. Gangers won by 1d6.
As they moved toward the shop, a gang came out of an alley ahead of them."Uh-oh!" thought Winston, but keeping quiet and not looking them in the eyes seemed to do the trick, as the gangers ignored the Osterhagens, seemingly more intent on the car behind them.

Turn 4, B4 Y2
As the Osterhagens stood their ground, doing nothing threatening, the gang moved straight past them towards the garages.
I couldn't see that the gang had any reason to intefere with the family at this point of the zed-alypse, so they ignored each other. Both remaining PEFs passed 0d6 on their movement rolls.

Turn 5, B1 Y5
With the gang ignoring them, Winston again chivvied his family on their way and they reached the entrance to the shop without further incident, although the crying girl in the middle of the street was damn annoying ...
Another fast move - again Winston passed his leader dice, so all had 2d6 pass, except slowcoach Jenny with 1d6

Turn 6, B5 Y5
Total of 11 - Cop appears; given the 2 cop cars and police tow-truck I'd put in front of the Mall, I decided he was headed that way to join his buddies.
Just as they were about to enter Andy's shop a policeman in SWAT gear came running down the street yelling "GET OFF THE STREET!" Not one to look for trouble, Winston started pushing at the shop door which was either stuck or had something heavy right behind it ...

Turn 7, B3 Y5
OK, 2 things here, first as you can see to the right, my cunning plan for buildings is revealed. Inspired by Whitewash City, I've decided to make the buildings lift-off to reveal a floorplan of the building, thus removeing the 'peer-over/round-the-wall' problem. Second, I had decided to let Andy's fate be decided by the ATZ cards I was using for the first time; any survivors and Andy would be one, none and he was dead ... as you can 3 zeds and 0 survivors is bad news for Andy ...

Close-up of zeds and card; zed on right
has head hanging on down her back
Finally pushing the door in, Winston found that a cabinet had fallen behind it, but as he looked up, he saw three of those ... 'things' he had seen eating people outside the kids' school! 

They were chewing on Andy's unmoving form! With a howl of rage, he leapt across the shop and opened a can of whup-ass on two of the zeds, but the third stumbled straight at Jenny!
I made no surprise rolls as at this point no-one had a firearm. Winston engaged 2 zeds with 2vs0 on the first and 1v0 on the 2nd - woo-hoo! Jenny, though ... well with 4 dice (rep3 + brawler) got 1v1 (oops!) followed by 0v0!!

Turn 8, B4 Y4
Winston could only watch in horror as Jenny ineffectively battered at the creature attacking her, but then her inner strength came to the fore and, remembering the longs hours spent at 'Boxercise', a swift right smashed the zombie into a cabinet where a piece of broken glass speared clean through it's head!
No activation this turn so Winston couldn't help! Jenny got 2v1 and then 1v0 - woo-hoo!
Turn 9 B3 Y6
The creatures down, the Osterhagens quickly looked around for weapons and ammo, but the misplaced cabinets and broken glass showed that the store had already been looted! But knowing Andy as he had, Winston found Andy's just arrived stock that hadn't been put on display yet. Opening it and sharing it out, the Osterhagens found half-a-dozen pistols, a pair of sub-machine-guns and enough ammo to last a while! He also found that Andy had just stocked up on his cigarettes, so seeing that his buddy had no need of them anymore, Winston took those as well ... he felt like a ghoul for doing it, but reasoned that his need was greater than Andy's - not that that helped much ...
Although the card said Food, I figured that it made no sense for Winston to be looking for that right now, so substituted it for luxuries instead. Rather than roll, or only have one gun between them, the Osterhagens found enough guns to equip them as per the figures, which makes sense to me!

Turn 10, B1 Y3
Having found what they came for, it was time to leave - Winston took the lead with Jenny as tailgunner and they headed back to their vehicle ...
Fast move again; Winston failed the leader die (!) all got 1d6 tho, except Jenny (again ... )

Turn 11, B2, Y1
Relieved by their own survival, but saddened by Andy's death, the Osterhagens made it back to their vehicle; next stop home - what would they find there?!

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