Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Well as I said in yesterday brief post, I wanted to take advantage of Brigade Models phase 3 of their annual summer sale. So, logically enough, I had to work out what I wanted to get, which meant checking what I already had, so I took some photos of the models at the same time. First up are group shots:
Austro-Hungarian Squadron
Greek Squadron
Italian Squadron
Russian (unpainted!) Squadron, purchased at Salute
Turkish Squadron (incl unpainted reinforcements from Salute)

As you can see, I'm going for an Adriatic/Aegean/Black Sea theatre of operations. All the models above are from Brigade, and all of them are sold as the nationalities I have used them as except the Greek Squadron. That has a German Koln cruiser that I've modified to be a carrier, 2 modified French Le Brouchet frigates and a modified French Formidabile light cruiser.

Now on to photos of the painted squadrons in more detail along with details of what I have ordered for them

For the Austro-Hungarians, rather than get aeroplanes, I've ordered 4 Lussin class Rocket Patrol Nef as small attack craft to beef them up a bit.

I've not ordered any extras for the Greeks. I've got some more fighters to do and intend to put 1 or 2 onto the flight deck of the HHMS (His Hellenic Majesty's Ship) Helle

The Italian squadron is going to get some aeroplanes in the shape of R-22 Seaplane Fighters, Rosatelli BR-88 Bomber and a Rochefort class Heavy Merchant. The Rochefort I'm going to convert (using Russian Secondary Gun Mounts and US Single Gun turrets) to be a seaplane tender for the aeroplanes. I'm hoping it will look great when done and will post again on it as I make progress.

As you can see the Turks already have the most vessels in my collection and once the war balloons and the new battleship are painted I reckon that will be enough - for now anyway! I do have some unpainted Kindjal fighters but no intent to give them an aerial base at present
I have to say that I really, really like these models. I think they are fantastic, full of character and very evocative of the period (as much as they can be given that it's fictitious!). Unfortunately, the rules for which these models are made - Aeronef - are, IMHO, too simplistic. Brigade also sell the Iron Stars rules for Edwardian space combat which I have and I intend to create a hybrid of the two for my own use, which I will post on as I develop them.

Regarding terrain: in the pictures I've used my Hexon stuff from Kallistra which I'm very pleased with. Next steps are to make some 'SprueTowns' as inspired by Steve Blease's blog.

Edited: As a footnote, the Austro-Hungarian and Italian colour schemes are based on Brigade's own schemes, but the Greek I created and the Turkish I changed the main colour. Not sure how to do the Russkies atm. The ship names all come from a copy of Janes' Fighting Ships of WW1.


  1. These look great - I have often wondered about Aeronef. Any chance of a quick review on the game and the mechanics of the rules?

  2. Bloody good work and a lot of it, keep it coming.

  3. They look great. I can second Shelldrakes comment too.