Friday, 19 August 2011

Altitude Bases 2

A couple of days ago, I posted about buying some telescopic pick-up tools to try and make some altitude bases for my aeronef models. Ove the last couple of nigts I've been experimenting with this and thought I'd share some pictures. To the right you'll see the weight I used in some of the pictures below. It is a track piece for a 15mm T-35 from QRF. It must be about 10cm (4 inches) long and much heavier than any of my aeronef models. The small piece of magnetic sheet was easily enough to adhere strongly to the magnet on the end of the tool and I held it onto the track with a bit of sellotape.
From my previous photos of aeronefs you'll remember (I hope!) that I used hex bases for them. I wanted to carry this forward to the new bases as they can be used for both turning and fire arcs. To the left you'll see my inital ideas. TBH I'd rather not use coins, but the cost vs weight is much better with them than anything else!

So here on the right is the thing assembled and held together with blu-tac and mini bulldog clips. As you can see, even with that small amount of magnetic sheet, there is a good amount of tip that can be applied without the weight falling off.

On the left is exactly the same thing, but with the telescopic part partially extended. What I did find, though, is when it is fully extended the stand feels very woobly and unsafe, although there is no evidence that it is - more of a perception than a fact I think ... but as they say, perception is everything!

Anyway, I decided to get some washers from B&Q to help and I think they have.

Here is the final version that I am putting together as the first base. It has 2 washers, 3 layers of pennies and 3 mdf bases - a 60mm square at the bottom, a 30x40 in the middle and a 40mm across flats at the top. The mdf bases give a real tight grip on the stand. I drilled 8mm holes in them and then forced the stand through; a tit fit, whereas the washers, with a 9mm hole in the centre were loose and shaky!

I grabbed this photo on my mobile phone this morning as I rushed out the door. It shows the stand, having glued overnight, with a toy plane from my local sainsbury's (for 74p) on top. I'm pleased so far!


  1. Good idea - I purchased a telescopic pick up thingy a few years ago and never found a way around the whole tipping over thing, so this is very helpful.

  2. Ingenious. Its amazing i use two pence pieces for bases because i can't find an equivilant cheaper elsewhere either.

  3. @Shelldrake - glad it helps!

    @Brummie - I use tuppences for my 28mil figures and pennies for my 15s; better value than anything else!