Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tidied my ATZ Campaign posts

Reading Vampifan the Great's latest ATZ Batrep put me in the mood to play another in my own campaign. Not remembering where I'd got to though, I decided to re-read my posts and found that the pictures had gone!  OOps!!!

Well they are back now and I've tidied the posts up a little bit - you can see then through this link. Feel free to comment on them, as I lost the original comments when I moved them to this blog ...

I hope to add another installment soon - I even threatened on a comment on VtG's blog to have a Rager only game! not sure about that though ... :shudder:


  1. Nice to have your batreps back, Colin, although it's a shame you lost the comments.

    As for running a scenario with only Ragers in, unless you want it to end in tears take my advice... DON'T DO IT!

  2. If you are thinking of using ragers give a handful of figures a playtest first to see if you really really want to do it.